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Secret Party Level:
On Liberty Island, go to the underground UNATCO Ruins and pick up the UN Flag in the office that has been destroyed, and then take it to James Manderley's office from the original title. Set the flag in the bathroom and flush the toilet (yes, it sounds kooky, but work with me here, folks) to be transported to the Uber cool Secret Party Level.

Glitch: Bleeding Chair:
In Upper Seattle, if you go into the room where the guard wants you to pay for a pass (after dealing with the guards of course) there's a chair right below the security camera. If you attack it with a gun or melee weapon, the chair will bleed.

Hint: More Candy/Soda:
If you want more candy/pop when you are hacking the machine before you get done hacking repeatedly press the X button and when another hacking screen comes up you will hack it again and get more of that item. Note: Does not work with atms.

Hint: Weapon Locations:
Toxin Blade: Knife Variant
Location: Upper Seattle, Emerald Suites, Apt 2225. It's in the bedroom under the Pillow.
Temporarily blinds enemy when stabbed.

Red Greasal Hunter: Pistol Variant:
Location: Lower Seattle, Sewer. It's by the dead Omar guarded by karkians.
Bit stronger, Red Light as secondary fire.

Hellfire Boltcaster: Boltcaster Variant:
Location: New Cairo (first visit), Medina, Nassif Greenhouse. Extremely hard to get. Once you enter the Green house look up and you should see what looks like another apartment (not to be confused with the second floor balcony). You'll need to get to the area that overlooks the entrance and jump on the little edge that is just on the other side of the guard rail. Follow it to an area that is on an adjacent wall and jump on the shut window and jump once more but hold Y to mantle and climb over the rail. Find it in the junk.
When health gets low enough they ignite.

Assassin Pistol: Pistol Variant:
Location: Trier, Nine Worlds Tavern, Der Blutende Rabe Curio Shop. As you enter the room, go behind the Omar to the right corner and under some junk you'll find it.
Increased damage, increased range, bit slower rate of fire, Scope as Alternate

Dragon Toothe Sword: Energy Blade Variant:
Location: Antarctica, JC Denton's Fortress, JC Denton's mind pocket, Maggie Chow's Apartment. Once you appear in the apartment(may bring back memories) talk to the Gray and head to the book case. It should be on top.
Extra Damage (looks nothing like the original in Deus Ex 1)

Widow Maker SMG: SMG Variant:
Location: New Cairo(Second visit), Arcology, Level 107, Maintenance Tunnel. Look for an open area where electricity is flashing and enter it. Follow the path and you'll find a dead SSC Guard with it in the junk somewhere.
Slightly less recoil, Launches Spiderbomb as Secondary

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