Dead Man's Hand Xbox Cheats

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Additional Ammo:
At the main menu, highlight (New Game) and press L + R.

Solve Xbox Live Menu Lag Issues:
If you experience a lot of "lag" (slowdown, jerkiness etc) in the Menu area of Dead Man's Hand, we have discovered that it's due to large Friends list. If you play with an account that doesn't have a large Friends list, this will clear up the menu lag issues. If you don't wish to delete your Friends list or create another account try this at the menu screen: Hold down the d-pad in either up or down direction. The highlight will start moving. Once the slot is highlighted two (2) selections from your desired selection, simply release the d-pad. You will find it stopped where you wanted it to. Then hold down the "A" button" until it goes to the next screen.

Infinite health:
In the 2 level when the guy rolls the wagon down to you get as close as possible and blow the explosives up.if on the right angle you should get thrown up into the air and just before you land hold L R and press a,b,y,y,b,a,x as fast as takes a few trys but it is worth it!!!!

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