Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 Xbox Cheats

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Quest Mode Random NPC - Unlock Songs:
Meet up with the NPC randomly in Quest Mode.
Jelly Kiss (Midihead's SMAK mix) Trade the Newfoundland flag
ever snow Trade the Bismarch, North Dakota flag
Love This Feelin' (ZONK Remix) Trade the Yukon Territory flag
Right On Time Trade the New Brunswick flag
Frozen Ray (DIRTYHERTZ mix) Trade the Jackson, Mississippi flag
Music To Your Head Trade the Santa Fe, New Mexico Flag
Danca de Yuka Trade the Concord, New Hampshire Flag
Insaner Trade the Dover, Delaware flag
Colors (Midihead's Sapphire mix) Trade the Little Rock, Arkansas flag
Hinawari Trade the Charleston, West Virginia flag
rainbow flyer Trade the Victoria, British Columbia flag
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Trade the Phoenix, Arizona flag
The legend of MAX Trade the Phoenix, Arizona flag
Brilliant RED Trade the Jefferson City, Missouri flag
Guidecca Trade in the Nashville, TN flag

Unlockable songs:
Rainbow Flyer Get a AAA on any song.
Love This Feelin' (Zonk Remix) Get a AA on any song.
The legend of MAX Play every default song
ever snow Play BREAK DOWN! and Firefly
Jelly Kiss (Midihead's SMAK Mix) Play 10 songs
Frozen Ray (Dirtyhertz mix) Get a AA on any song.
Danca de Yuka Beat Rock-a-billy Willy on all three difficulties
insaner play the game in the credits and get a high score... and insaner will be unlocked
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Have save data from Ultramix 1 and 2 on your system

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