Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 Xbox Cheats

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Unlockable: Songs:
* Max 300 Super-Max-Me mix: Get AAA rating on a song or beat Maxx Unlimited on heavy mode
* Zero One: Get a AA rating on a song
* Gyruss Full Tilt Mix: Play 50 songs
* I feel... (TOY Remix): Get over 12,000 points in the credits mini-game.
* In My Eyes (midihead remix): Play 100 Songs
* Make a Jam! (Dub/House): Pass Make a Jam! on all difficulties.
* Toe Jam: Pass all of the Big Idea songs on heavy mode.
* .59 konami remix: Pass all jasper kyde songs on heavy mode

Faster Song Unlock:
It is much easier to reach the various song unlocking quotas by simply selecting a song in game mode. Once the loading screen disappears, hold BACK to exit the song. This counts as a failure, but it will count as a played song towards the quota.

In the game credits match the directions at the top left of the screen.

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